VideoSwiperPlus Download Service

VideoSwiperPlus Download service allows you to download videos straight to your site.Its much faster than doing this manually. And with our partner software VideoSwiper you can create uniquely titled and described videos within a few clicks. So that niche Video site that you were thinking of building or have can be populated with quality content quickly and easily.

Embedded Videos VS Hosted Videos ??? Confused ???

If you are confused weather you should host videos or embed videos let us help make your mind -

Embedded Videos = Outgoing Traffic

It's that simple, don't you wonder why popular sites offer embedding, because it bring them traffic. No serious web master would want to work towards promoting other sites. Also wondered why never seen any popular Video sites which embeds videos? Cause embedding takes them to the original source site.

Use Youtube like Sites to Externally dive traffic , not other way around !!!

You should promote your videos on youtube, metacafe, dailymotion and such sites relevant to your niche they are a great source of traffic to your site. But we say provide high quality braded player on your site, which keeps the user on your site and not sends them off.

What about Bandwidth ? - Bandwidth is Cheap

These days bandwidth is cheap , Look around almost all popular hosts offer Unlimited Bandwidth in very affordable prices. So why would you still want to promote other peoples site by embedding Videos. And if you get really famous and bandwidth bills inflate , traffic is also increasing means more revenue to sustain.

Fianlly Why Hosted Videos >>> Embedded

Here are some more advantages why you shold host -

  • Fully Brandable - Your Videos , your logos, your content ... Your Brand .
    No Dead Videos - No more "This Video is no longer available".
    Better Control - Much more control over videos and how they are shown.
    User Stays Longer - Embedded Videos usually take user away from your site , its not so with hosted videos.
    Better Ranking - Better Search Engine Ranking in the long run.
    Embeddable - Your Videos are embeddable by other people and bring traffic to you.

Why VideoSwiperPlus ?

VideoSwiperPlus is one of a kind service which provides custom add on modules and API for your video script for it to download Videos fast and easy.So what are you waiting for ?